Quick Tips For FCP X


FCP X by Apple is one of the most popular editors out there. There are a lot of people out there who try their hand at editing videos, and they are all dedicated on different levels. Some people are there for the fun of it all and to experiment with new software and plugins. The more serious editors work at a much faster pace than this, and they usually know exactly what needs to be done to make sure that the new result is gorgeous. If you know your way around the software that you are working with, you can be guaranteed of a faster output rate. There are many little tricks that you can do when you are working on FCP X, all of which allow you to work faster and better. Overall, following these tips will allow you to be a more efficient editor.

Live trims
Shortening the duration of a particular clip is one of the most common first tasks in the entire software. There are sites out there that offer you plugins for free FCPX effects that allow you to do this with a single click as well. Remember that if a clip is five minutes long, every single frame of that five minute clip needs to have a reason to still be there. If there isn’t a justifiable reason for being in the clip, that length can be cut out of the overall video. There are actually hotkeys that you can use in FCP X to do just this without having to stop the video and click around. If you don’t have a clip in the library selected to trim, the keys will affect the clip currently playing. Use the Option-[key combo to start the video from where the playhead is at the current moment, and Option-] to end it. The Option- combo trims the clip to the playhead based on which end is closer to it.

If you have worked with other video editors and creators, you may have already worked with adjustment layers before. These aren’t found in the initial factory install of FCP X, but some sites have final cut pro x free plugins for anyone who needs them. They are basically blank, text-free titles. Depending on where the layer is in the video, the layers under them will be affected by changes to the adjustment layer. Layers above the adjustment layer will continue as they already are. This is incredibly useful. Adjustment layers can be found by default in software like Adobe AfterEffects. They can make or break your video clip depending on where they are placed.